Monday, December 27, 2010

Sri Lankan car prices

Sri Lankan car prices are becoming increasingly hard to predict and people are almost always left wondering did I pay too much for a car. With the recent changes in tax it was expected that the car prices will come down heavily, although there was a drop in prices it didn't reflect the cutting down of the tax amounts. This could be down to the huge demand that was created because of the price drop and to some extent it was because of the monopoly created by car dealers. The real beneficiaries of the tax cut down was the car dealers because they could import the vehicles at a low cost and sell it here for a higher price and make an huge profit. Another party who benefited from this move is people who bought high end cars, since the tax cut down was in percentage high end cars got a hefty reduction in price. For middle class families who were dreaming of owning a vehicle it didn't do much good, the car prices are pretty much out of reach for most of them.
Having said that if you are looking to buy a car in Sri Lanka you should spend some time comparing car prices before you make a decision. It is a trick thing to do because if you wait too long the car might be gone and if you rush you might end by being cheated. The secret to getting a good deal with a car is to be in touch with the market. If you want to buy a car you must be prepared to check the newspapers for classifieds, check car related websites in Sri Lanka etc and be informed about the current prices. If a deal look too good to be true it usually is a bad deal. In future articles I will discuss about some websites that you can use for comparing car prices.

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